SeeBeale Help / QTVR How-To

QuickTime is required to view the SeeBeale QTVR virtual tour of Beale Street. Download it for free from Apple.

get QuickTime

Google Map

mapAll 23 QTVR locations on Beale can be viewed by navigating the Google Map on every page of the virtual tour. Click and drag in the map and use the controls to zoom in for a closer look. Click a marker for a brief description of each panorama or object movie and click the link for that QTVR's page. For more information about using Google Maps visit

New: Now that Google allows embedding their maps SeeBeale has been updated with the original map of the virtual tour on every page. The markers are color-coded by type of node as follows.

blue = 360 degree panorama QTVR
yellow = 180 degree panorama QTVR
green = QTVR object movie
red = QTVR with 3D Directional Audio

All nodes can also be accessed by clicking the 'hotspot' links inside each QTVR panorama or object movie. If you prefer this method of navigating the virtual tour start with Tom Lee Park.

Using QuickTime VR

QuickTime VR (QTVR) is an amazing technology that allows you to view 360 degree panoramic views and objects in photo-realistic quality. Below are simple instructions for using the SeeBeale virtual tour and QTVR in general.

The Controller:

The QTVR will appear as a normal photo on a web page, except at the bottom of each QTVR movie you will see a 'Controller' like one of the images below, depending on your Operating System and version of QuickTime.



The Controller will contain several icons which will help you navigate the QTVR. These include 'Back', 'Zoom Out', 'Zoom In', 'Show Hot Spots', and 'Drag Zoomed Object'.

When viewing a QTVR movie, simply point your cursor over these icons for text to appear that shows you their functions.

The Pointer:

When you point your cursor over the image itself in a QTVR movie, your cursor will change to a 'Pointer'.


Dragging and Arrows:

Click once and drag to rotate the view. As you drag, the cursor will change to arrows like these:


You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to rotate the QTVR view.

Zoom In:

You can use your keyboard's 'Shift' key to Zoom In. As you Zoom In the cursor will change to this icon:

zoom in

This can also be accomplished by clicking the 'Zoom In' icon on the QTVR movie's 'Controller'.

Zoom Out:

You can use your keyboard's 'Control' key to Zoom Out. As you Zoom Out the cursor will change to this icon:

zoom out

This can also be accomplished by clicking the 'Zoom Out' icon on the QTVR movie's 'Controller'.

Hot Spots:

As you navigate a Panorama or Object, look for the cursor to change to one of these icons:

web link=web link scene hotspot=scene hotspot

These icons indicate a Hot Spot - a link to another QTVR (node) or a web page.

As you mouse-over a Hot Spot link, text should appear in the Controller to give you a brief description of where the link leads. Click once to go to there.

Object Movies:

Some interactive QTVRs are 'Object' movies which allow you to rotate an object in 3D, or rotate your view around an object.

If the QTVR is an 'Object' movie, the cursor will appear as this icon:

hand open

As you click and drag to rotate the object, the cursor will change to this icon:

hand closed

Got QuickTime? Start the virtual tour at Tom Lee Park. Or click a marker on the map below, then click the link for that QTVR's page on

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