About SeeBeale

SeeBeale is the first QTVR virtual tour of world famous Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee. SeeBeale was photographed and produced by Craig Isley with Seeing Eye Enterprises in the Fall of 1999. Much has changed on Beale over the years but Craig keeps this tour on the web as an archive and tribute to Beale as it was then, and as an example of his work and how QTVR can be used for tourism and entertainment.

Recently Google announced the addition of what they call Street View which adds interactive panoramic photographs to ther already cool Google Maps. Craig quickly realized that SeeBeale would soon be obsolete (if Google ever gets around to covering Memphis ) so he figured if you can't beat 'em join 'em. That along with the recent trend of Google Map Mashups and the Web 2.0 movement gave Craig an excuse to redesign with an all CSS layout and include an integrated Google Map for navigating the QTVR virtual tour.

New: Now that Google allows embedding their maps SeeBeale has been updated with the original map of the virtual tour on every page. The markers are color-coded by type of node as follows.

blue = 360 degree panorama QTVR
yellow = 180 degree panorama QTVR
green = QTVR object movie
red = QTVR with 3D Directional Audio

For more information about using QuickTime VR visit the Help/How-To page.

QuickTime is required to view the SeeBeale QTVR virtual tour of Beale Street. Download it for free from Apple.

get QuickTime

Got QuickTime? Start the virtual tour at Tom Lee Park. Or click a marker on the map below, then click the link for that QTVR's page on